Japanese Artist SKOLOCT on Great Collaborations

Japanese Artist SKOLOCT on Great Collaborations

SKOLOCT - real name Tsuyoshi Nakano - is an elusive Japanese graphic artist known for his signature bunny-eared creature, coincidentally also named SKOLOCT. Nakano has collaborated with the likes of Billionaire Boys Club, Stüssy, Hysteric Glamour, UNDERCOVER and TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst, injecting his bold graffiti-inspired aesthetic into the world of fashion.


His partnership with Takahiro Miyashita brought about a full collection for SS17, with the SKOLOCT coming to life and taking centre stage. Inspired by the idea of transformation, Nakano and Miyashita created recycled bandana masks for the wearer to “transform” into the SKOLOCT. But what does the SKOLOCT represent? The creature is supposedly truth-seeking, out there exposing all the posers. As for those bandana masks - which retailed for $1000 USD no less - sold out, quickly too.


Now, Nakano is making his mark in Hong Kong with his exciting collaborations with UNDERCOVER and Hysteric Glamour available exclusively at JUICE Sheung Wan and online. His UNDERCOVER collection features a range of accessories remixed into the SKOLOCT. For Hysteric Glamour, the collaboration includes a selection of T-shirts and denim featuring Nakano’s graphics and of course, the SKOLOCT.

In this interview, we learn a little more about the secretive artist.

How did Skoloct come to life from the streets of Harajuku? 
NAKANO: Harajuku is full of fresh energy generated by young culture, so I always try to project those exciting energy to my work by using pop color way and dynamic graffiti in SKOLOCT.

Was illustrating creatures always an interest of yours? And use of pop colours and natural line work?
NAKANO: Yes, the illustrating creatures represents SKOLOCT as the icon, also its color ways and graffiti line are signature for SKOLOCT.

What is it like for Skoloct to enter the world of fashion, especially working with the likes of Takahiro Miyashita - The Soloist, Billionaire Boys Club, Undercover, Hysteric Glamour and more?
NAKANO: Past collaboration with great fashion brands was session of each design for me. From now on, I’d like to accurate SKOLOCT clothing line, so they were great experience in terms of learning their creativity.


How does Skoloct bring something different to each collaboration?
NAKANO: Rather differentiate from each collaboration, I’d like to say understanding each design/ character and put our power together lead great collaboration this time.

As an graphic artist that has worked with so many creative talents, what do you think makes a great collab?
NAKANO: I think to understand and respect each other will create great collaboration.

What makes Japanese graffiti and street art unique? Especially in Tokyo?
NAKANO: I think it doesn’t matter where it is but artist should have their originality.


Is Skoloct your alter ego? Do you share the same personality traits?
NAKANO: Yes, I think SKOLOCT links to myself somehow…When I start to draw, I do not prepare anything because I want to express what I feel at the moment. Same as myself, I’d like to adore every single moment rather thinking what’s ahead in my life, so my stance for life may affect SKOLOCT.

What is Skoloct or your favourite thing about Hong Kong?
NAKANO: Cute girls? Haha...I wanna date with them in HK someday! 


For those that are in Hong Kong between Nov 3-14, make sure you check out the pop up store at The Box Sheung Wan