JUICESTORE - WACKO MARIA is at the Top of the Food Chain
WACKO MARIA’s Newest Collection is Reserved for the Top of the Food Chain

WACKO MARIA’s Newest Collection is Reserved for the Top of the Food Chain

Animal fur has been used throughout history as a fashion statement to represent the upper echelon status of individuals. Nowadays as we shift to a more environmentally conscious way of living, we’ve slowly moved away from using animal fur and opt for faux fur and animal prints instead. Regardless, animal print clothing is bold and exotic and continues to invoke the sentiment of wealth and status. Designs that utilize animals are featured primarily by tattoo artists, who draw these to connect animals with someone’s physical and spiritual life.

WACKO MARIA is a high-end streetwear brand known for taking its inspiration from music, films and art. Atsuhiko Mori and Keiji Ishizuka found WACKO MARIA in 2005, and they have released collaborations with brands such as WTAPS, Yoshida & Co, and UNDERCOVER. From artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat to rappers like The Notorious B.I.G., WACKO MARIA has paid homage to influential creatives in different industries. Their colorful and creative creations have earned them a strong following in the fashion community. 



For their Spring Summer 2021 collection, WACKO MARIA has appeared to take inspiration from the animal kingdom, designing tattoo inspired caricatures of tigers and producing all-over animal print clothing. The homage to the animals is infused with WACKO MARIA’s long lasting passion for art, as these designs are fueled by tattoo artist and frequent collaborator Tim Lehi. The SS21 WACKO MARIA release is filled with tattoo-inspired tiger motifs and all-over print leopard patterns. The allusions to tigers and leopards harken to the fact that those who wear WACKO MARIA are at the top of the food chain.

Check out the new WACKO MARIA SS21, available July 15th on JUICE online and at JUICE Causeway Bay