BODE Spring/Summer 2020: A Vintage Lover's Dream

BODE Spring/Summer 2020: A Vintage Lover's Dream

Pronounced "Boh-dee", namesake label BODE is the intricate and bold brainchild of Emily Adams Bode. Now more than ever, emerging brands like BODE are signalling a shift towards slower consumption and greater fashion sustainability. By artfully repurposing vintage textiles, the made-to-order designs by BODE highlight what it means to be truly sustainable.

The Atlanta-born designer — rose to acclaim after launching her namesake label in 2015 — by 2019, she was named an LVMH Prize Finalist, CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year and made it on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. This year, industry experts awarded Bode with the coveted Woolmark Prize: Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation pushing the label at the forefront of fashion sustainability.

Bode once revealed:  “I always wore vintage and bought vintage because it had something that other clothing didn’t have” — her love for vintage stems from a family tradition of thrifting and as a well-seasoned thrifter, she has an exceptional eye for vintage textiles and unique constructions, recognising the stories each piece tells and its value of authenticity. Bode combines this with stories that inspire her to evoke nostalgia and sees storytelling as an opportunity to create pieces that are sentimental and intimate to the wearer, she describes her designs as “a snapshot of life . . . a time capsule that hangs in your wardrobe”.

Following the philosophy: 'make do and mend', Bode preserves the historic value of antiquated fabrics by reshaping or embellishing it with new stories inspired by people. BODE's one-of-a-kind designs are a testament that there is a growing demand for meaningful designs that resonate with consumers. The brand taps into a network of vintage dealers and suppliers to form the foundations of its designs, reviving rare textiles by reproducing them or pursuing heirloom textiles from around the world.

With Emily Adams Bode at the helm of a small team of designers, Spring/Summer 2020 dives deep into the roots of her family tree. The collection draws inspiration from her family ties to a circus wagon workshop, assembling statement pieces that meld bygone American traditions with timeless silhouettes. The whimisical color palette is bold yet antiquated, highlighted in the elaborate patchwork detailing and ornate trimmings painstakingly added by hand. Channelling the Barnum & Bailey and the Ringling Brothers, the new collection features a mixture of eccentric prints and intricate detailing in bright bold stripes. Standout pieces feature BODE's signature quilted textiles - perfect for the modern sartorialist or vintage-enthusiasts alike.

Scroll down to see the latest arrivals from BODE — now available at JUICE Causeway Bay and online!

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