Edison Chen for CLOT x Polaroid 600 "BLACK SILK" Camera

Edison Chen for CLOT x Polaroid 600 "BLACK SILK" Camera

Co-founder and creative director of CLOT, Edison Chen, talks about his long relationship and love for Polaroids ahead of the CLOT x Polaroid 600 "Color Your World" collection launch.

Since his youth, Chen has collected and used Polaroid cameras as a way to capture memories. Speaking directly on this collaboration, Chen mentions "We wanted to give an extra dimension of design to the camera, most other people only work with the shell [when customizing the Polaroid] but I’m such a Polaroid fan that I needed to figure out how to be different from any other machine.”


In the video, Edison shoots his supermodel wife Shupei Qin in brand new HBA, showing off the black flash filter featured in the "BLACK SILK" CLOT x Polaroid 600 camera.

For this collaboration, CLOT takes its signature Silk Royale print and revamps one of the most famous cameras in history - the Polaroid 600. Available in three different colorways (Royale University Blue Silk, Rose Gold Silk and Black Silk) the cult-favorite camera is completely refurbished and maintains its iconic retro shape with a CLOT twist. Moreover, each colorway features a unique color flash filter corresponding to its colorway (Black Silk with a black flash filter, Rose Gold Silk with a pink flash filter, Royale University Blue Silk with a blue flash filter). Color your world with one click.

The CLOT x Polaroid 600 cameras are carefully refurbished by Polab HK and will be available starting September 30 at JUICE locations worldwide and online. 

Pricing Information: CLOT x Polaroid 600 “Color Your World” Camera (Rose Gold Silk/Royale University Blue Silk/Black Silk): $1,890 HKD, 1,890 RMB, $8,280 NTD, $280 USD.

Launch Information: Release Date: September 30, 2020 JUICE Causeway Bay / JUICE K11 MUSEA / JUICE Shanghai / JUICE Taipei / JUICE The Box Taipei / JUICE Taichung juicestore.com / juicestore.tw / juicestoreusa.com