In Pursuit Of Reality: Perks and Mini's Spring Summer 2020

In Pursuit Of Reality: Perks and Mini's Spring Summer 2020

"Dedicated to challenging societal norms with playful acts of creative disobedience and disruption, P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) encourages X-perience, not stagnation."

Based in Melbourne, Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach is a husband-and-wife duo that co-founded Perks And Mini — a creative label known for their bold prints and distinctive designs. The husband and wife team hailing from Melbourne shared a love for art, and the brand name Perks And Mini originated from a combination of their graffiti tags

This Spring Summer 2020, Perks And Mini hits the Spring and Summer season with vivid graphic prints in dominating hues like vivid blues, fluorescent orange and vibrant yellows. The brand continues to challenge societal norms by delivering on conceptually rich graphics and progressively detailed constructions to a variety of t-shirts, jackets, and accessories. The experimental nature of the brand is conveyed with their penchant for bold designs. Standout pieces include a Silk Bomber Jacket that touches on extraterrestrial mind control and vivid button shirts which features aspirational imagery that symbolises the clashes between the fake constructs of consumer reality and the beauty of the natural world, boldly projecting this season's message: "X-perience 2020 vision states: natural not fake, real not lame, and question not blindly accept.". Perks and Mini reinforces this narrative using new dyeing methods to replicate uneven textures and CGI imagery of daisies, graffiti, man-made sculptures and psychedelic toads - digitizing the toadskin so that the wearer coexists with nature and all its absurdity.

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Photos by: Samuel Fung/CLOT