Recap: CLOT Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Presentation at Shanghai’s TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center

Recap: CLOT Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Presentation at Shanghai’s TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center

CLOT is proclaiming CHINESE EXCELLENCE with our new fashion offering for Fall/Winter 2021 entitled "NEW DYNASTY" - broadcasting Chinese lifestyle and creative energy from home to the world stage. Marking our 18th anniversary, CLOT has represented Chinese creativity on a global stage with our bold Made in China ethos and odes to heritage in the details of its designs. Since the inception of CLOT, Founder Edison Chen has diligently pushed this mission throughout his entire journey. From concepts to deliverables, CLOT’s Chinese heritage runs deep in our DNA. CLOT’s mission is perfectly encapsulated in Edison Chen’s 2017 speech at New York University - “We are all global and we are all the same people, even though our skin may be a different color it doesn’t make a difference. Doing something for China should be doing something for the world. We should be proud to be Made In China and proud of what our people and culture can offer to the world.”

For CLOT’s Fall/Winter 2021 “NEW DYNASTY” collection, the redefining of the word “DYNASTY” is portrayed through the CLOT lens. Representing the emergence of new CHINESE POWER and the impact of Chinese youth culture, CLOT is once again showing off what it truly means to be proudly Chinese-made.

The collection was presented at Shanghai’s TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center on March 27th, 2021, illustrating CLOT’s longstanding mission to bridge the East and the West and to represent the new CHINESE EXCELLENCE. “NEW DYNASTY” welcomed guests to look, see, feel and experience what CLOT represents not only as a brand but for the culture it represents. An immersive CLOT experience will display our new fashion offerings delivered in a modern and contemporary portrayal of our roots, pushing our definition of NEW DYNASTY.

CHINESE HERITAGE AND CULTURE WAS BUILT BY DYNASTIES OVER CENTURIES OF RICH HISTORY. CLOT’s role in the NEW DYNASTY is to bring to reality the hopes AND aspirations of the Chinese super youth to life. We want to light up the path to a future that they deserve. To unlock the spark plug that allows them to understand that they, like us,  can also attain their goals and dreams through determination, hard work and belief in self. The need to bring a new dynasty built on creatives and scholars that can better the world and better themselves at the same time.

Scroll down to experience CLOT's Fall/Winter 2021 Presentation and check out the video below!


Creative Director: Edison Chen
Co-Creative Director: PREPARE

Powered by: TX Huaihai, 3125c and PRODISM Magazine

Special Guests: Lung Goh, Tom Chung

Show Director: Wei Xiao@WI-MODE
Show Team: Tang Jie, Qian Junni, Hao Chaoyang, Fang Qiyun
Styling Director: Jeff Lee@Les Idées
Preliminary Preparation: Sasa Lai@Les Idées
Les Idées team: Kinkon Liu, Allen Chen, Zhang Xu

Casting: Denise Hu
Casting Assistant: Summer Chen
Cai Guannan (China Models)
Yang Yabo, Huang Jinrong (FOCUS Models)
Zhang Wenhui, Wen Qiming, Cui Fuwan (Longteng Super Model)
He Yichuan, Xiao Yu, Guo Yi (ESEE Models)
Ma Yuepeng (PARAS flint model)
Takiichi (Yitong Film and Television)
Barry Jie, Chen Tianran, Enci, Solong, Gelai, Qiu

Hair Styling : John Zhang Minghu @HairProStudio
HairProStudio Team: Lucy Li, Jae-hyun, Dylan, Susie, Yanzi, Fuzai, David
Makeup: Clive.X@S Studio
S Studio team: Kearo, Joan, Jolin, Beata, Romey, Norma, Ivy,
Lin Erlian, Aleng, Haiyan, Xiaoyang, Xiaofei, Cong Cong, ViVi, Mengmeng

Event Photography and Video: Arcus Creative
Lookbook and Backstage Photography: Sophia Li 李雯欣
Lookbook and Backstage Photography Assistant: Barnet 俞璟玮

Special performers:
Tea artist: Le Jiaona
Music performance: Chacha, Wang Wenwei (guitar), Gao Xin (guzheng)
JUICE Staff: Young, Tempo
Massage Specialists: Sun Xiaojuan, Cheng Shaotu, Song Yingli