Bringing Seattle to LA with The Incorporated

Bringing Seattle to LA with The Incorporated

With roots in Seattle, The Incorporated is a brand founded by Mark McGinnis and two of his friends in 2010. An art-kid at heart, McGinnis was an avid fan of The Hundreds’ blog, which led him to the realisation that clothing is a great platform for his art. Starting off with a snapback and three screen-printed T-shirts, The Incorporated was born more as a vehicle for McGinnis’ designs but has now evolved into a contemporary menswear label.

The label is known for its heavy and bold graphics, with an ethos of standing in solidarity with the oppressed. With that being said, McGinnis’ designs are often a reflection of current events or things on his mind during the design process (for one, he’s not a fan of Donald Trump). But as for the pieces themselves, the intricate and delicate design elements are truly unique. From hand-painted detailing to reworked sportswear, the brand has been gaining momentum.

Its latest collection, dubbed “DEBUT ALBUM” marks the brand’s move from Seattle to LA. Naming its collections like a musician’s discography, “DEBUT ALBUM” is broken down into sides A and B, with inspiration coming from classic songs from the ‘60s to ‘70s resulting in pieces such as multicoloured pants, zipper detailing and graphics with the words “EYES NOT SHUT” and “I want to hold your hand.”

Anticipate the collection to drop at the end of March on and at JUICE stores.

Words / Helena Yeung