Founded in 2016 by the innovative designers Jun Zhou and Yushan Li, PRONOUNCE has emerged as a globally renowned brand with a distinct emphasis on handcrafted heritage that fuses the aesthetics of the East and West into a modern wardrobe.

PRONOUNCE has garnered significant acclaim through its collaborations with a diverse range of global brands. Its notable achievements include clinching the prestigious "The Latest Fashion Buzz" Prize at Pitti Uomo 91 in 2017 and achieving the distinction of being the first Chinese brand to host a runway show at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy.

Yushan and Jun, the driving forces behind PRONOUNCE, are guided by a shared vision of cultivating an artisan heritage that embodies the essence of a modern wardrobe while seamlessly integrating influences from both East and West. Their creative endeavors extend beyond conventional fashion, actively challenging societal norms. Inspired by a broad spectrum of male and female stereotypes, the designers unabashedly champion the 'Gender Sharing' concept, celebrating the intrinsic beauty of gender-fluidity through their designs.


CLOT and PRONOUNCE unveiled their initial joint designs at CLOT's Spring/Summer 2024 runway show, "CHANGE THE GENERATION," held during Shanghai Fashion Week. This collaboration integrated traditional CLOT elements with PRONOUNCE’s distinctive visual style. The partnership between PRONOUNCE and CLOT is the result of a long-standing relationship that Zhou and Li, the founders of PRONOUNCE, established with CLOT's Founder and Creative Director, Edison Chen.

In an interview with PRONOUNCE behind the scenes, they unpack the partnership and the power of creative synergy.

The CLOT x PRONOUNCE capsule collection will launch at selected JUICE locations on June 21.

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1. How did the collaboration between CLOT and PRONOUNCE start? Can you recall how you initially connected with Edison?

 We spoke with Edison quite a few years ago. Back then, we were already talking about making some interesting projects together, but they were stalled due to the pandemic. This year has been the year for us to get back on track. Collaborating with Edison has given us a huge boost of encouragement and confidence.


2. What are your thoughts on the collaboration?

 Like Edison, we’re passionate about exploring street culture and youth culture through a Chinese lens, with the aim to preserve heritage and inspire fashion. We can’t wait to see the sparks fly from our synergy. At the same time, PRONOUNCE’s flair is different from Edison’s—so this collaboration is sure to make an impact.


3. In your opinion, what fashion instincts or business ideas make Edison stand out from other creatives?

People are often moved by Edison’s appreciation of even little things, his enthusiasm toward new ideas. In the process of communicating with and understanding him, we felt we were heading toward the future of fashion. It’s not just fashion, too—the scope of his vision is timely and all-encompassing, relevant to music, lifestyle, youth culture, and more.


4. How did you integrate your ideas into CLOT’s framework? Did Edison or Humberto give you any suggestions or encouragement on the designs?

We didn’t have to analyze our two different designs or styles too deeply. Thanks to Edison and the CLOT team’s respect for creativity, PRONOUNCE was able to draw on the ultimatePRONOUNCEdesign vocabulary in our collaboration. Edison and Humberto did give us a lot of feedback. All in all, the conversations inspired new thoughts and exchanges of ideas.


5. What was the greatest takeaway in this collaboration?

Strength lies in unity. Always look to the future.


6. Looking back, was this collaboration one of your highlights in 2023?

Most definitely. We were so touched at the end of the show when Edison ran over to hug and congratulate us.