JUICE Teams Up With SUICOKE on a Collection of "Alienegra Desert Camo" Slides

JUICE Teams Up With SUICOKE on a Collection of "Alienegra Desert Camo" Slides

A few years ago, SUICOKE jumped onto the international streetwear scene and created a splash with its brand of functional, Japanese-inspired sports sandals. They aren't your usual slides or slippers - these bulky pieces of footwear were the perfect merge between function and style. A mix of Vibram soles, neoprene, nylon and straps have created a range of utilitarian styles that have become closet staples.  

Previously, these sandals were basically impossible to acquire if you weren't in Japan. Thankfully, the brand opened up its doors worldwide and has since become a summer footwear staple... but the company's origins weren't always in footwear. Founded in 2006, SUICOKE actually produced small accessories and hand-painted Russian dolls. Then suddenly, the brand linked up with rubber manufacturers Vibram and the rest is literally history.

According to SUICOKE's Jinichi Leung, the styles are created by a group of anonymous designers in Japan, with a focus on the highest quality materials while pushing the envelopes of design and technology. In fact, SUICOKE is the first to successfully produce a sandal that incorporates a Vibram sole. With a footbed that sticks out, the design allows the heel and arch of the foot to move in a more natural way, reducing foot pain.

Thanks to multiple high-profile collaborations (think Stüssy, Wacko Maria and even Tyler, the Creator), SUICOKE has made an indelible name for itself as the go-to for performance men's footwear sandals. Now, JUICE is partnering up with the brand once again, putting our touch on the classic OLAS-CLTab silhouette. Available in two iterations, the sandals feature our exclusive "Alienegra Desert Camo" print in both beige and olive.

Anticipate the collection to drop on June 21 at CLOT.com, JUICE locations worldwide, SUICOKE.ca and select European retailers.

Photos by Alex Cheung / CLOT