Diamond Out the Rough - A-COLD-WALL* Spring/Summer 2020 – JUICESTORE
Diamond Out the Rough - A-COLD-WALL* Spring/Summer 2020

Diamond Out the Rough - A-COLD-WALL* Spring/Summer 2020

Samuel Ross didn't intend for A-COLD-WALL* to be a clothing line during its inception; then again, Samuel Ross has evolved quite a bit from the days he interned for Virgil Abloh. The De Montfort University alumni has been on the express lane heading to fashion immortality since his first trip to Paris Fashion Week and made an impression on some of the most influential names in the industry today.

With a major investment from Tomorrow London Holdings and hundreds of stockists internationally, the LVMH Prize and ANDAM Award finalist turned a self-funded art project into a multi-million dollar creative empire in a matter of a few short years. The sky is the limit for A-COLD-WALL*, but Samuel Ross's experience growing up in Brixton through various hardships continues to fuel his work as he looks into the future, and we see the British working class being one of the brand's prominent inspirations.

By elevating utility designs and garments with meticulous craftsmanship and creative perspective, Samuel Ross is injecting new commentary to a space that was previously often associated with the bourgeois. Referencing different familiar colors and silhouettes, his latest Spring/Summer 2020 release is a showcase that gritty basic wardrobe pieces can still play a more significant part in an age of sophisticated modernism. Browse some of our favorite apparel and accessories from the collection now at JUICE Causeway Bay, K11 Musea and online.

Photos by: Vogue, Hypebeast