CLOT Spring/Summer 2021 "CHINESE HAWAIIAN" on the Shores of L.A!

CLOT Spring/Summer 2021 "CHINESE HAWAIIAN" on the Shores of L.A!

CLOT's Spring/Summer 2021 "Chinese Hawaiian" collection takes inspiration from Edison Chen's frequent travels to Hawaii, fusing CLOT's East-meets-West heritage with design elements from the island state. 

This week, CLOT heads to Los Angeles, Edison's second home, unveiling a photo series shot by Thomas Welch. The campaign in CLOT's vision embodies a carefree summer featuring a model styled in CLOT's latest offerings. The video itself, draws inspiration from old postcards and vintage holiday clips shot with camcorders. The videographer utilizes his unique shooting style and vintage color grading to accentuate the laidback designs and CLOT's underlying theme.

Set on the coastal shores, the ocean breeze and the waves lapping against the sand creates an inherently romantic and somewhat casual setting, paired with a Cantonese song aptly named "Hawaiian Love Song" by Cantopop songstress, Paula Tsui (徐小鳳), the campaign video captures the Chinese-Hawaiian way of life in an all-new perspective by CLOT. 

Kickback and experience the latest CLOT Spring/Summer 2021 campaign shoot by Thomas Welch below!

Photographer - Thomas Welch
Videographer - DeMarquis McDaniels
Video Editor: Nick Berry
Producer - Justin Trevino
Stylist - Gigi Fernandez
Stylist Assistant - Damaris Garcia
Art Direction - Edward Chiu