The 2nd Iteration of CLOTTEE by CLOT's Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection "DYNASTY"

The 2nd Iteration of CLOTTEE by CLOT's Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection "DYNASTY"

Following the most recent drop of CLOTTEE by CLOT's "DYNASTY" Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection in October, the eponymous streetwear label renowned for its updated ready-to-wear basics, is back again for the second iteration of "DYNASTY". Staying true to the image of affluent dynasties, the release offers up contemporary and traditionally-inspired silhouettes with more of the first drops ethereal motifs, but this time with more elegance and finesse.

CLOTTEE by CLOT's "DYNASTY" Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection takes inspiration from traditional art-ensembles, merged with silhouettes themselves taken from a variety of inspirations, referenced from old-age Asian dynasties to street-centric apparel.

The merging of these influences symbolise the bare-bones of what made streetwear what it is today, the evolution of the passion behind the creation and devotion of graphic t-shirts, warm jackets and pull-overs, stylish pants and more. Making this fashion category one of the most sought-after cultures of the century.

This upcoming release offers silhouettes to meet all your traditional-inspired outerwear needs, featuring a lineup of coach jackets, pull-overs, anoraks, trench coats, fleeces, harrington jackets, and more. In addition to accessories, which for some have utilised special fabrics into the piece; featuring boxers, caps, socks and bucket hats.

All pieces of the collection have been infused with this season's old-age art styles, techniques, and ideas. For example in one of the most notable pieces in the offering, the Neck Closure Pull-Over. The piece merges a contemporary pull-over silhouette, with right side frog-button openings originating from the Qing Dynasty.

Some of the best pieces to note from the collection include the Textured Dad Cap, Trench Coat, and Shirt all using the same irregular composition gray woven fabric in a celestial chevron pattern. Final notable pieces include the Wrap Jacket in two different colorways, Navy and White, each with its own unique imprint of gold-trimmed clouds and brightly hued peacock graphics respectively. The same graphics are also featured on long-sleeved button up shirts.

Take a look below for "CLOTTEE by CLOT's "DYNASTY" Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection's newest campaign for more stand out wave-inducing pieces that weren't mentioned above.

The brand's newest offering is available now at select JUICE locations and online at JUICESTORE.COM!