The National Art Museum of China, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yunnan Provincial Museum, and Rong Bao Zhai are a few of the prestigious locations that have hosted artist, Ren Zhong's masterpieces. The renowned Chinese calligrapher and painter is known for his expressive brushmanship which draws influences from impressionistic "Southern School" calligraphers and the unparalleled artist Chang Dai-chien. 

This season, CLOTTEE by CLOT has tapped Ren Zhong for its latest collaborative designs on Tmall, showcasing traditional Chinese motifs for its extended "Legend" series! Ren Zhong artfully injects ancient Chinese folklore, picturesque landscapes and cultural references - combining art and streetwear on a range of contemporary basics.

We had the honor to visit Ren Zhong's personal studio for an exclusive interview where we touch on the latest CLOTTEE collaboration, his inspirations and artistic process and more!  

Q1: Can you tell us how you started your career?

In the summer of 1996, I was 20 years old and just dropped out of college.

Q2: Based on your training and development process, how do you develop your own style?
To learn from the past, to think and work like them, will lead you to their legacy. There are 'styles' of painters and works that lack depth and complexity, but they are not valuable. Knowledge, action, emotion, inner-spirit, and values should all have depth, and then be perfectly integrated and emerged naturally.

Q3: Where do you think your inspiration comes from?

The poetic and artistic meanings are all 'conditioning the environment', a care-free type of expression. With classical and natural mannerisms, this also creates touching emotions from the heart.

Q4: What are the most memorable milestones in your career?
Maybe it's an exhibition, or a creation, etc.?
A more important exhibition was the one held at the National Art Museum of China. A national leader said to me: "Who said that China does not have a master? You have done it in painting and art." As someone in their thirties, of course, it was very encouraging.

Q5: What are your next plans?
After the honeybee picks honey, it still has to brew honey. I constantly have to learn, to absorb, in order to develop new creations.


Q6: Can you describe the unique items in this CLOTTEE series?
Among the works I have created, there are ink paintings, heavy colors, and Tang ornaments drawn from Dunhuang frescoes. Anyone can feel the classic beauty and fashion, bringing together the two in a contrasting yet complementing style.

Q7: What do you think about the fusion of art and fashion? Will you have another collaboration with fashion brands?
Great art and fashion become a meaningful part of history, when gone beyond the limits, it becomes work of lasting worth. I also love fashion very much and anticipate great collaborations.