'UNDER_GROUND' Perks & Mini Release Fall Winter 2020 Collection – JUICESTORE
“UNDER_GROUND”: Perks & Mini Release FALL WINTER 2020 Collection

“UNDER_GROUND”: Perks & Mini Release FALL WINTER 2020 Collection

Long-time CLOT-collaborator and Melbourne-based fashion brand Perks & Mini have finally released their new Fall Winter 2020 ‘UNDER_GROUND’ collection. The basis of the collection is inspired by the underground and the creative ecosystems that exist within. As reference, P.A.M. uses cave dwellers and the mineral formations that form in these caves to represent the theme as shown in some of their pieces. 

A notable recurring theme in this collection is the use of flowers or ‘gestures’ in the brand’s designs. The ‘gestures’ appear to be displayed on everything from the shirts to the jumpers and jackets. On the t-shirt and other notable pieces display the slogan “into the eternal darkness and into the light” which is a reference to the cave-dwelling underground and could be interpreted as creativity and greatness being found in the dark depths of the underground. 

Other notable features of this collection include the unique use of a mix and match aesthetic, as in the use of other designs mixed into a new signature piece. An example being the garment that takes fabric cuts from the purple fur jacket and camouflage pants merged into a singular unique mixed-color hoodie. 

Check out more of their pieces online at JUICESTORE.com.