A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the CLOT x Levi’s® Denim Campaign

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the CLOT x Levi’s® Denim Campaign

CLOT and long term friend of the brand, Levi’s®, have reunited for a brand new denim collaboration. Decked in an all-over tiger stripe camo, the new collection is inspired by the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger, and it's set to launch in 14 January.

To visually highlight the core elements—denim and tiger—of this crossover, prolific photographer Kenneth Cappello was tapped to capture campaign visuals for the collection, featuring a diverse cast of models in the tiger camo-clad range against a denim patchwork backdrop.

Take a look at the video below as we go behind-the-scene during the photoshoot, with snippets from the our chat with CLOT Founder and Creative Director, Edison Chen, on this new chapter with Levi’s®. You may read the full interview by scrolling down further below.

What does Levi’s mean to you? 

Levi’s® is very important to me for many different reasons. I think the first time that I connected with denim was with Levi’s®, and as I became a creator, I understood the importance of the Levi’s® brand and its history, its culture and its craftsmanship.

In the early days of CLOT we did a lot of collabs with Levi’s®, and I give a lot of credit to the Levi’s® brand to kind of cementing our importance in the industry and the streetwear category. It’s really exciting for us to be able to connect again to hopefully not just work on this collab but many more to come.

CLOT x Levi's denim collection campaign

What are your main influences and inspiration for this collection?

We wanted to create something that was culturally relevant to Chinese culture. Being able to do something around Chinese New Year, we delved into looking at what this year meant. I’ve always been a fan of camo and animal prints, so we’ve decided to do a bit of a visual play. I hope people enjoy it and have fun with it.

CLOT x Levi's denim collection campaign

How would you style the CLOT x LEVI’s collection?

I feel there are two ways to wear this: One is with plain solid-coloured inner t-shirt, shirt and shoes, and the next one is going wow and putting loud colours and prints all over. I think anything in between kind of defeats the purpose.

What motivates you the most about having your own fashion business?

At this moment, to be honest with you, it’s more of a legacy thing for me. Trying to be a lasting impression, and having people understand of our importance in the movement—not only locally in china, but internationally. Being able to act as the gateway for people to come to China, and for us to bring the consumer over to the Western side…the value is enormous.

CLOT x Levi's denim collection campaign

The CLOT x Levi's denim collection will be dropping at select JUICE locations worldwide and JUICESTORE.COM on 14 January 2022, 12PM HKT. Check here for detailed information.