Awake NY's Final Release of Its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection!

Awake NY's Final Release of Its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection!

As the summer sunshine comes to an end Awake NY has prepped its devote following for the final release of the brand's Summer 2021 collection. This drop features t-shirts that evoke thoughts on race, culture and equality, and high-quality accessories with classic Awake NY branding. Previous drops showcased a variety of simple silhouettes, elevated comfort-wear, ready-to-wear street essentials, all embodied with stunning graphics and eye-catching colorways.

In typical Awake NY fashion, littered through out the collection are embroidered and ladened variations of its essential logo namesake branding. A stark example would be in its collaboration with New Era, with a striking "A" embroidered patch piece in the brand's usual sleek typeface; placed behind the cities of "New York", "Paris", "Tokyo", "Los Angeles", and "London" typeface embellishments, the pieces are then finalised with an embroidered world-wide globe motif seen on the side of the cap having been showcased ladened atop the previous releases. The New Era parternship pieces appear in colorways of 'Black & Yellow', 'Navy & White', and 'Green & Orange'.

This selection's most notable pieces include outspoken heavy-weight t-shirts with simple graphics inspired a lot by the early-'90s era and the hard-to-touch topics of race and culture. The first graphic that really stood out embodying the idea of the former was the Cartoon Love T-shirt; showcasing a slew of different races of people all captured through the eyes of Awake NY in a cartoonish style, stood all together in a group in front of the classic Awake NY logo to signify the openness and the melting pot culture of New York the brand embodies. The La Comunidad Kids T-shirt is available in colorways of 'Black' and 'White'.

Another of the most notable graphics of the collection include the Cartoon T-shirt, which the graphic depicts a black individual removing a white mask, with references to a song lyric 'This Ain't No White Cartoon' by legendary group member of Wu Tang Clan, GZA in 4th Chamber from the album Liquid Swords released in 1995. The final pieces of the release include the simple Awake NY embroidered baseball caps, available in colorways of 'Black', 'Purple', and 'Blue', as well as the Chancla T-shirt, featuring a graphic of a hand holding a slipper and the Portuguese text "Te Calmas O Te Calmo!" which translates to "Calm down or I will calm you down".

Take a look at Awake NY's newest and final release from their Spring/Summer 2021 Collection below! Available now at JUICE Causeway Bay and JUICESTORE.COM!