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CLOTTEE Spring/Summer 2018 "Apocalypse" Collection

CLOTTEE Spring/Summer 2018 "Apocalypse" Collection

CLOTTEE's latest collection takes inspiration from movies such as Apocalypse Now to a hypothetical, post-apocalyptic world. Using various definitions of what an apocalypse is, the designers interpreted the term in their own, unique ways. 

Asking themselves, "what kind of clothes or graphics would be left if something apocalyptic happened? Would we loot from the dead or abandoned shops?" 

The collection references wartime propaganda, imagery and graphics. Nuclear weapons, wartime paraphernalia allude to a sense of loneliness and loss. 

Included in the range are graphic T-shirts, windbreakers, sweaters and accessories. Available starting on May 16, the collection will release weekly on Tmall, and JUICE locations.