New Releases from CLOT's Fall/Winter 2020 Collection "Corporate Climbing"

New Releases from CLOT's Fall/Winter 2020 Collection "Corporate Climbing"

CLOT’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection named “Corporate Climbing” looks at society’s definition of “climbing up the corporate ladder” and provides a tongue-in-cheek connotations designed to discuss what it means to climb the proverbial ladder and its meanings perceived by creative director, Edison Chen.

"CORPORATE CLIMBING" Drop 1 and 2 showcases a series of long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts, jackets and trousers, using a mixture of pastel hues and heritage prints to add definition to the Fall and Winter wardrobe. CLOT kicks off the season with playful and ironic graphics on a range of casual silhouettes like T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and fuzzy pants. The brand features its signature CLOT Apparel designs in the collection, adding comfortable and quality pieces for creative layering in 'Grey' and 'Purple' for a pop of color. 

The brand's second drop yields a range of unique ready-to-wear attire that expresses CLOT's experimental nature. The pieces that are made and sourced from Japan sees the brand's movement towards more technical applications towards their designs. CLOT's evolution can be seen in the medley of playful prints and eccentric colors on relaxed and structured fits - the collarless design of the BD Twill Long-sleeved T-shirt and Nel Chambray Long-sleeved T-shirt adopted from historical and Eastern influences has been given a modern update with quality textiles. Tapping into CLOT's East-meets-West ethos, the brand introduces wild snakeskin prints on Western Shirts and plaid on Baseball shirts. These juxtaposing outlooks and positive versus negative connotations are represented throughout this collection’s designs.

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Scroll down to check out the second drop from CLOT Fall/Winter 2020 collection and the official campaign video!

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Hong Kong: JUICE Causeway Bay, JUICE K11 MUSEA
Shanghai: JUICE Shanghai (Julu Rd.)
Taiwan: JUICE Taipei, JUICE The Box Taipei, JUICE Taichung ( JUICE Taiwan
USA: JUICE Los Angeles, ( @juicestoreusa