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Brand New Selection From PLEASURES' Upcoming Fall 2021 Lineup!

Brand New Selection From PLEASURES' Upcoming Fall 2021 Lineup!

Introducing the newest drop to come out of PLEASURES' upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 line-up, featuring in-your-face graphics and imagery of self-happiness. After coming out with some exclusive bangers, the brand has released legacy collaborations with Reebok on the CLUB C 85 & CLUB C Legacy shoes (collaborating with them previously in 2019, in celebration of their long-standing partnership; recent collaboration with English rock-band New Order on a selection of garments inspired by the band and the legacy they left behind and its link to Joy Division (a heavy influence in the brand); even collaborating with Adidas on the timeless Superstar silhouette.

The brand has managed to maintain a strong following with its grunge and street-style devotees, with each t-shirt graphic representing an explorative concept representative of their loved brand image. This release takes inspiration from education on drugs and their respective cities; anti-mindfulness motifs; anime elements; and love inducing concepts. These influences give nods to generational youth-culture and rebellion, representing the do-what-I-feel-and-want mentality - the motley of different inspirational aspects preaches ideas of openness in doing whatever you feel like doing, which feels so hand-in-hand with PLEASURES' identity.

This newest release for PLEASURES' upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 collection features a variety of more graphic-forward pieces from the grunge brand, including; t-shirts, hats, and beanies. Notable pieces from the collection include; the Message T-shirt in blue, which features a bold centre font "MEDITATE ON THIS" typeface in white, with a middle finger imprint underneath, finalised with the PLEASURES logo in small typeface on the bottom; the Trip Dyed T-Shirt in Pink features a almost bleached-wash effect on the t-shirt, overlayed with the classic brand logo on the front with the words "for recreational use only" underneath, followed by the cities loved by the brand and their respective drugs of choice, the graphic educates people on drugs on a molecular level; finally the Lovebirds T-Shirt, with two beautiful Lovebirds sat on a hand next to each other, surrounded by bold text "I'M GONNA TAKE YOU HOME" above the image, and "HAPPINESS IS ALL THE RAGE" below it - one of the more striking pieces of the collection it is one to definitely have as a wardrobe staple.

Take a look at the images from the newest PLEASURES release for its Fall/Winter 2021 lineup below! Available now at JUICE Causeway Bay and online at JUICESTORE.COM!